Our Story

At Sylana Adventures, we are not just a travel company; we are storytellers, weaving tales of exploration and wonder. Our journey began with a group of passionate adventurers, driven by the call of the mountains. Rooted in Gilgit-Baltistan, the heart of Pakistan, our mission is to unveil the hidden gems of the northern landscapes – the majestic Karakoram and Himalayas. With every step, we aim to ignite the spirit of discovery, offering unique experiences that transcend the ordinary. As we traverse the rugged terrains and traverse the untrodden paths, we invite you to be a part of our narrative. Come, let’s create memories, redefine exploration, and celebrate the beauty of Pakistan, one adventure at a time.

Why Choose Us

Sylana Adventures is your partner in discovering the enchanting beauty of northern Pakistan. With a passionate team, we offer expertise, authenticity, and personalization. As locals, we provide authentic experiences, fostering deep cultural interactions. Our commitment to sustainability benefits both you and local communities. Choose us for genuine encounters and responsible travel in this spectacular region.

Responsible Tourism

At Sylana Adventures, responsible tourism is paramount. Aligned with UN SDGs, we prioritize clean energy, waste reduction, and community upliftment. Our eco-conscious practices protect nature while embracing authentic cultural experiences. Join our journey in creating positive impact through sustainable travel. Let’s co-create a future where travelers and destinations thrive together, fostering harmony and lasting change.


Sylana Adventures thrives on collaboration. Our partnerships with local communities, conservation organizations, and NGOs contribute to the sustainable development of the regions we explore. By working hand in hand with these stakeholders, we ensure that your travels positively impact both the environment and the people who call these places home.

Our mission

At Sylana Adventures, our mission is to curate exceptional journeys that transcend the ordinary. We are dedicated to crafting experiences that immerse travelers in the unparalleled beauty of Pakistan’s northern wonders, particularly the captivating Karakoram and Himalayas. With meticulous attention to detail, we strive to offer our discerning clients a seamless blend of adventure, culture, and natural splendor. Our commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that every footstep leaves a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Guided by our passion for exploration, we invite you to join us on a transformative odyssey, Discover Pakistan’s most enchanting corners with us. Experience extraordinary with Sylana Adventures.

Our Values

Our values form the heart of Sylana Adventures. Integrity guides our every step as we honor the local cultures and environments we touch. We’re committed to creating positive impacts, ensuring that our tours benefit communities and nature alike. Your satisfaction and safety are paramount. Our passion for travel and respect for the regions we explore define who we are, inspiring every journey we curate.

Quality & Safety

Your safety and satisfaction are paramount at Sylana Adventures. Our seasoned guides ensure seamless experiences, offering insights and assistance every step of the way. We prioritize your well-being while providing an enriching journey that exceeds expectations. With us, you’ll embark on a voyage of discovery, knowing that your comfort, security, and enjoyment are our top priorities. pack your bag and rest assure to sylana.

The Sylana Experience

Experience Pakistan’s enchanting landscapes with Sylana Adventures. Our tailored journeys blend cultural authenticity, thrilling adventures, and serene escapes. Expertly designed for diverse interests, from cultural explorations to high-adrenaline pursuits. Local insights and personalized service ensure meaningful moments. Whether on rugged trails, at vibrant festivals, or serene lakeshores, Sylana Adventures offers an unforgettable encounter with Pakistan’s essence.


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Explore the enchanting landscapes of Pakistan with Sylana Adventures, your gateway to extraordinary experiences. Let us be your guide and immerse yourself in the beauty and rich cultural heritage of this remarkable country.


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Co-founder & CEO

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Rashid Karim

Rashid Karim


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