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Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress)

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress)

We had great time travelling with @hayoosjeepsafari ! (Not a paid post)They were really sweet humble and helpful ❤️ highly recommended

Komal Aziz Khan  (Pakistani Actress)

Komal Aziz Khan (Pakistani Actress)

Contact them for Hunza tours, they are amazing and highly recommended. this is not sponsored. @hayoosjeepsafari



Thank you for the great hospitality..the people of Hunza are ❤️❤️❤️ @hayoosjeepsafari services are thoroughly was a memorable trip and they made it more enjoyable...i highly recommend their services especially for families..

Note: Sylana Adventures is a Venture of Hayoo’s Jeep Safari

Explore the enchanting landscapes of Pakistan with Sylana Adventures, your gateway to extraordinary experiences. Let us be your guide and immerse yourself in the beauty and rich cultural heritage of this remarkable country.


Rashid Karim

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